How this beauty clinic became the place where all Norwegian developers go

How this beauty clinic became the place where all Norwegian developers go

It’s a known fact that a lot of people worry about having dark rings under their eyes. 


In 2006, the beauty brand Clinique performed a study where a stunning fifty-three percent of sixteen thousand women meant that dark rings under their eyes were the one thing they most wanted to fix. 


Norwegian developers are also starting to catch on to the wave. Sitting in front of the computer screen all day, they are one of the most exposed groups when it comes to dark rings. 


Follo Beauty Clinic, one of the most popular clinics in Follo, Norway, has taken in a lot of developers in need of help to remove the dark rings under their eyes. This beauty clinic is flourishing by helping these people with enhancing their natural appearance. Nariman Omar, their skin- and body therapist, has built a good standing with Norwegian developers in the Follo area and enjoys the conversations they have together during treatment. 


Below we will look into some of the implications and effects of dark rings, and why this clinic’s work is so important. 


Might signal disease

The skin under our eyes becomes dark because the fluid that leaks out of the thin veins contains waste products and oxidized blood. These leaking capillaries may be caused by poor lifestyle choices, sickness, or even medications. 


Lack of sleep leads to reduced production of growth hormones and increases cortisol levels, something which might result in thinner blood vessels bursting. Whereas sicknesses like hypothyroidism and circulation diseases reduce the capacity to repair the thin blood vessels, even medications like cortisol tablets and creams may lead to thicker skin and more vulnerable blood vessels over the long term.


Follo Beauty Clinic’s employees are highly aware of the health implications that dark rings might signal, and always recommend that their clients ask their doctor for a medical checkup. They value the health of their customers and see that caring for them won’t in any way detract from the amount of business they receive. 


The effect varies

What most people struggle with regarding their dark rings, is that they feel they look tired or older than they really are. 


But the kind of rings they have individually may be crucial to the effect it will have on their face. Whereas an old saying states that “the eyes are the mirror to one’s soul,” modern science says that they are also an indicator of our lifestyle. The sensitive skin around our eyes often reflects decades of tanning, partying, sleep deprivation, bad diets, the natural aging process, and other physiological states. 


Therefore, dark rings that arise from these activities will surely affect our appearance. And after many years of activities that have dampened the eyes people were born with, Follo Beauty Clinic helps them with renewing their natural look.