What this Norwegian dental clinic says about artificial intelligence and dentistry

What this Norwegian dental clinic says about artificial intelligence and dentistry

Artificial intelligence has been a topic of discussion in the field of dentistry for a while now. Now that AI is starting to be implemented in the dental industry, the question on everyone’s mind is what it means for their future as dentists.

Some people believe that AI will ultimately replace dentists as there are already robots performing some routine tasks in dental clinics. Others believe that AI will supplement their work and help them provide more personalized treatment plans for patients. The truth is we can’t tell exactly how artificial intelligence will affect the dental industry – but we’re excited to find out!

Thoughts from the CEO of a modern Norwegian dental clinic

As we are all about exploring how computers and the world can work together, we wanted to know more about the intersection between AI and dentistry. Since Norway is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to dental technologies, we looked for some clinics with equipment that is well in line with the advances in technology. 

One that stood out to us is the clinic that owns the website Tannlege i Fredrikstad – Dentist in Fredrikstad. According to their site, they have a high focus on providing the best tools for their customers’ teeth and wellbeing, so we reached out to their CEO Said Esfahani to see if he had any thoughts on AI and dentistry. Luckily for us, it turned out that he had given it quite some thought. Here are some of the most interesting insights he shared with us. 

The Current State of AI & Dentistry Today

The dental field is always looking for ways to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Today, the most significant improvements in dentistry are happening through the use of artificial intelligence. In order to provide exceptional care, dentists need access to the latest technology and information. As technology ever moves forward, it is reasonable to say that we will see more and more use of artificial intelligence in dental clinics, given its possibilities.

The Potential Advantages of AI in the Field of Dentistry

Some of the advantages include better diagnosis, more efficient treatment, and lower cost. Another advantage is that AI dentists will never make a mistake. Technology is now able to identify risk factors that could lead to future dental issues. Technology is also able to predict if an individual will be more prone to dental problems in the future.

AI dentists could also provide services for patients who cannot afford expensive care, because it can reduce costs significantly. This technology can cut down waiting times and increase efficiency by providing treatments for patients who then won’t need to visit a dentist every time they have a small issue or problem with their teeth.

What are the Disadvantages of Using an AI in Dentistry?

There are many advantages to using AI in dentistry, but it also has some disadvantages. Some disadvantages are that AI cannot detect all signs of oral cancer or remove an abscessed tooth. These are signs that a dentist would need to notice and treat, which means they couldn’t do their job without seeing them.

There could be other common dental treatments that an AI could not do as well as a dentist, such as removing wisdom teeth or wisdom tooth removal surgery.

Concluding Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and Dentistry

When talking to CEO Said Esfahani, he spent quite some time laying out the possible benefits and potential pitfalls of AI in dentistry. The idea of AI in dentistry is exciting, but we also need to think about the potential consequences. We should always be cautious, as this technology is developing very quickly.