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What this Norwegian dental clinic says about artificial intelligence and dentistry

What this Norwegian dental clinic says about artificial intelligence and dentistry

Artificial intelligence has been a topic of discussion in the field of dentistry for a while now. Now that AI is starting to be implemented in the dental industry, the question on everyone’s mind is what it means for their future as dentists.

Some people believe that AI will ultimately replace dentists as there are already robots performing some routine tasks in dental clinics. Others believe that AI will supplement their work and help them provide more personalized treatment plans for patients. The truth is we can’t tell exactly how artificial intelligence will affect the dental industry – but we’re excited to find out!

Thoughts from the CEO of a modern Norwegian dental clinic

As we are all about exploring how computers and the world can work together, we wanted to know more about the intersection between AI and dentistry. Since Norway is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to dental technologies, we looked for some clinics with equipment that is well in line with the advances in technology. 

One that stood out to us is the clinic that owns the website Tannlege i Fredrikstad – Dentist in Fredrikstad. According to their site, they have a high focus on providing the best tools for their customers’ teeth and wellbeing, so we reached out to their CEO Said Esfahani to see if he had any thoughts on AI and dentistry. Luckily for us, it turned out that he had given it quite some thought. Here are some of the most interesting insights he shared with us. 

The Current State of AI & Dentistry Today

The dental field is always looking for ways to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Today, the most significant improvements in dentistry are happening through the use of artificial intelligence. In order to provide exceptional care, dentists need access to the latest technology and information. As technology ever moves forward, it is reasonable to say that we will see more and more use of artificial intelligence in dental clinics, given its possibilities.

The Potential Advantages of AI in the Field of Dentistry

Some of the advantages include better diagnosis, more efficient treatment, and lower cost. Another advantage is that AI dentists will never make a mistake. Technology is now able to identify risk factors that could lead to future dental issues. Technology is also able to predict if an individual will be more prone to dental problems in the future.

AI dentists could also provide services for patients who cannot afford expensive care, because it can reduce costs significantly. This technology can cut down waiting times and increase efficiency by providing treatments for patients who then won’t need to visit a dentist every time they have a small issue or problem with their teeth.

What are the Disadvantages of Using an AI in Dentistry?

There are many advantages to using AI in dentistry, but it also has some disadvantages. Some disadvantages are that AI cannot detect all signs of oral cancer or remove an abscessed tooth. These are signs that a dentist would need to notice and treat, which means they couldn’t do their job without seeing them.

There could be other common dental treatments that an AI could not do as well as a dentist, such as removing wisdom teeth or wisdom tooth removal surgery.

Concluding Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and Dentistry

When talking to CEO Said Esfahani, he spent quite some time laying out the possible benefits and potential pitfalls of AI in dentistry. The idea of AI in dentistry is exciting, but we also need to think about the potential consequences. We should always be cautious, as this technology is developing very quickly.

You don’t need a master’s degree to work for big tech

You don't need a master’s degree to work for big tech

The word “master’s degree” has a certain appealing ring to it, doesn’t it? When you hear someone who’s got it, you instantly think that they must be an expert on whatever they have a master’s degree in. 

Further, many professions actually require that you have this degree if you want to be able to work. You may thereby be inclined to conclude that it’s impossible to get any kind of meaningful job without studying for 4, 5, or 6 years, depending on the specific requirements of your country. 

This is absolutely not true, though. Many experts who work for big tech companies didn’t need a master’s degree to get the job – and neither do you. 

Self-education is good enough if you’re good enough

As long as you can show that you have a keen eye for technology, are willing to learn, and have at least some kind of skill, it might be enough to get you into the big tech industry.

Self-education is good enough if you’re good enough to keep learning the necessary know-how of your job, getting experience, and picking up lessons here and there as you go forward. 

Apprenticing in IT can get you big tech jobs

The pathway into a good technology job doesn’t have to be through a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. It might just be enough to get a foot inside the door by becoming an apprentice in a tech company. 

If you want to secure an apprenticeship in a big tech company yourself, or in any other industry, countless tutorials exist on how to do that. I want to cite an especially useful site I’ve found for students in my home country, Norway (I now live in Arizona). 

I told a long-time friend of mine I was writing an article on big tech and apprenticeships, and he told me of his experiences with this Norwegian matching portal that makes it easier for people to find an apprenticeship. The website is called SmartEmploy, and in an article on the website, finn læreplass, they outline some quite useful tips on how to find an apprenticeship. Although the article is written for Norwegians, many of the tips are related to factors that are universally important, for example, writing a good CV and preparing for interviews. It helped my friend, so it might help you as well.

What to consider if you want to work for big tech companies

In conclusion, you really don’t need a master’s degree in IT to create successful online companies or succeed within big tech in general. In order to make it easier for you to succeed in the industry, here are some things to consider: 

  • Stay humble in the beginning, and don’t set too high expectations
  • Don’t necessarily go apprenticeships within the highest-paying jobs, but the jobs that will give you the experience that is most in line with your ideal career path
  • Know the value of cooperation: a team of people with highly specialized and different skills will be able to accomplish much more than one person who tries to learn all the skills superficially 

How this beauty clinic became the place where all Norwegian developers go

How this beauty clinic became the place where all Norwegian developers go

It’s a known fact that a lot of people worry about having dark rings under their eyes. 


In 2006, the beauty brand Clinique performed a study where a stunning fifty-three percent of sixteen thousand women meant that dark rings under their eyes were the one thing they most wanted to fix. 


Norwegian developers are also starting to catch on to the wave. Sitting in front of the computer screen all day, they are one of the most exposed groups when it comes to dark rings. 


Follo Beauty Clinic, one of the most popular clinics in Follo, Norway, has taken in a lot of developers in need of help to remove the dark rings under their eyes. This beauty clinic is flourishing by helping these people with enhancing their natural appearance. Nariman Omar, their skin- and body therapist, has built a good standing with Norwegian developers in the Follo area and enjoys the conversations they have together during treatment. 


Below we will look into some of the implications and effects of dark rings, and why this clinic’s work is so important. 


Might signal disease

The skin under our eyes becomes dark because the fluid that leaks out of the thin veins contains waste products and oxidized blood. These leaking capillaries may be caused by poor lifestyle choices, sickness, or even medications. 


Lack of sleep leads to reduced production of growth hormones and increases cortisol levels, something which might result in thinner blood vessels bursting. Whereas sicknesses like hypothyroidism and circulation diseases reduce the capacity to repair the thin blood vessels, even medications like cortisol tablets and creams may lead to thicker skin and more vulnerable blood vessels over the long term.


Follo Beauty Clinic’s employees are highly aware of the health implications that dark rings might signal, and always recommend that their clients ask their doctor for a medical checkup. They value the health of their customers and see that caring for them won’t in any way detract from the amount of business they receive. 


The effect varies

What most people struggle with regarding their dark rings, is that they feel they look tired or older than they really are. 


But the kind of rings they have individually may be crucial to the effect it will have on their face. Whereas an old saying states that “the eyes are the mirror to one’s soul,” modern science says that they are also an indicator of our lifestyle. The sensitive skin around our eyes often reflects decades of tanning, partying, sleep deprivation, bad diets, the natural aging process, and other physiological states. 


Therefore, dark rings that arise from these activities will surely affect our appearance. And after many years of activities that have dampened the eyes people were born with, Follo Beauty Clinic helps them with renewing their natural look. 

3 Beginner Tips to Learn Python Programming

Python Programming

Not many people can successfully achieve multiple feats in the programming domain since it consists of various complex layers. Learning the basics will start with the initial step to a phase filled with challenges, and every level would entail courses that lead you through the nuances of the programming language. Python is one of the most popular languages being used in the development of websites. Embarking on this journey of studying Python is appreciated, but you must be focusing on what is important. Lessons may come in varying tier formats, which each institute might adjust according to the availability of faculty. One of the biggest concerns people have about learning a programming language is the increasing number of programmers.


Unless the students have something special to offer with their talent, these languages are mere devices for them to work for meager remunerations. Understanding how to learn is undoubtedly the first step to learning any programming language, and Python is no different. Keeping up with the changes in the market is as important as learning the basics and advanced techniques of Python. Here are a few general tips for Python beginners to outshine the experts in a short time.

1.      Work Every Day

There is nothing else as crucial as consistency while learning a programming language. You need to start believing in yourself and producing more data all day for the continued development of your expertise in the language. One should know how to handle every challenging phase in order to make progress in a programming career, and Python could bring intricacies to the tables through multiple levels. Coding every day will help you gain a grip over the language and its working pattern. It could be daunting for a beginner to spend more than an hour on the computer to code for a disastrous output, but you need to set aside some time to work your way up from the starting point of at least 25 minutes every day.

2.      Start Writing the Code

Many of the current coders don’t believe in the system of pens, mostly because print has been completely shifted over to the digital space. New programmers may take down necessary notes during a lecture or an online session, but that wouldn’t suffice. Once you start learning more and working on complex tasks, there would be sheaves of paper worth of code. It would be easier for you when you start writing the code down on a whiteboard. Small projects and programs may not need the same level of effort. However, it is always best to begin by coding on a paper.


3.      Breaks are Essential

Make sure to take breaks when you need them so that you don’t slog for hours and end up making nothing out of the code. Break the process to relax your body and mind, and go back to it only when your brain is pushing out more coding ideas to develop a better platform.